Is a facet injection painful?

All of our procedures begin by injecting a small amount of local anesthetic through a very small needle. It feels like a small pinch and then a slight burning sensation when the local anesthetic starts to numb the skin. After numbing the skin, the needle from the procedure feels as if there is a little pressure at the injection site. If you experience any pain during the procedure, the doctor will inject more local anesthetic as needed.

Fairoaks Medical Building 4001 Fair Ridge Dr Suite 202 Fairfax, VA, 22033 Montrose Rode Building 7811 Montrose Road Suite 220 Potomac, MD, 20854.When we send you home, you may feel some pain at the injection site, which is perfectly normal. Take it easy on the day we give you the Facet Joint injections, but you should be able to resume your normal activities the next day. It is important to note that the pain relief provided by facet joint injections is usually not permanent and may require ongoing treatment depending on the results of the first injection. Any pain the patient experiences after facet joint injections will seem bearable when the pain subsides in the coming months.

It also gives you time to strengthen the supporting tissues around your facet joints through specific exercises and physical therapy. The Spinal Diagnostics team knows when facet joint injections can help restore pain-free movement, and we've helped many patients regain their quality of life with this relatively simple treatment. The skin becomes numb and the doctor uses a needle guided by a fluoroscope to place it close to the facet joint. This is a good way to strengthen your back muscles and determine if the injection was given into the correct facet joint.

However, the results can still vary quite a bit, as some patients may find that facet injections have an almost immediate effect, while others may not see any improvement. We'll thoroughly review all the possible side effects of facet joint injections and address any questions or concerns you may have. The medicinal anesthetic and corticosteroid cocktail used in an injection into the facet joint provides double relief. If this is the case, facet joint injections provide the first line of defense against this type of back and neck pain.

Facet joint pain is experienced anywhere from the neck and shoulders to the hips and upper thighs and sometimes in the legs. A facet joint injection is an injection made into the facet joints of the vertebral column consisting of an anesthetic and a corticosteroid. This procedure can help control symptoms, whether the pain is due to trauma, arthritis, or a degenerative condition, but you should consider the possible side effects of facet joint injections. When one or more facet joints deteriorate for any reason, the pain may radiate to other areas of the body.

Facet joints are the small stabilizing joints of the spine and can become painful for a variety of reasons.

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