How Long Does a Facet Injection Procedure Take?

Facet joint injections are a minimally invasive procedure used to relieve pain in the back and neck. The procedure involves injecting a mixture of anesthetic and cortisone into the facet joint, which is guided by real-time X-ray images or computed tomography. If the facet joint block is effective in relieving pain, the procedure may be repeated up to three times a year. You're more likely to notice faster relief if the joints where the injection was given were the main source of pain.

If the injection into the facet joint is successful, you should expect to experience pain relief for several months. Facet joint blockages are usually ordered for patients who have pain mainly in the back as a result of arthritic changes in facet joints or for patients who have mechanical low back pain. This will allow the doctor to see the joint and make sure the needle is in place before injecting the anesthetic-cortisone mixture. Minimally invasive image-guided procedures, such as facet joint blockages, are usually performed on an outpatient basis by an interventional radiologist.Guided by real-time X-ray images or computed tomography, the doctor will insert the needle through the skin and into the facet joint being treated.

Contact National Spine %26 Pain Centers today to schedule an appointment with a pain specialist for treatment with facet joint injections. A lumbar facet joint block is an injection of local anesthetic (numbing medication) into one or more of the small joints located along each vertebra, on both sides of the spine, in the lower back.Like the knee or hip, facet joints have cartilage between the bones and a capsule filled with fluid to allow for smooth movement. Fluoroscopy, a form of real-time radiography, is used to guide the placement of the needle in the facet joint.To guide the injection to the facet joint, the pain specialist will use fluoroscopic guidance (X-rays) during the injection. Side effects of the injected steroid may include temporary weight gain, a temporary increase in blood sugar (mainly in diabetics), and temporary fluid retention; you can talk in more detail about the steroid medication when you are going to receive the injection.Facet joint injections are a safe and effective way to reduce pain and improve mobility.

If you are experiencing chronic neck or back pain, contact National Spine %26 Pain Centers today to learn more about how facet joint injections can help you find relief.

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